Add more flavour and new experiences to the package for your customers

There is more to delicious food than flavour. It comprises the consumer’s total experience of buying, cooking and eating food. Smoke dust is a perfect opportunity to create even greater customer experiences – and more value.

Genuine smoke dust from Smoke It All gives you a preference over your competitors and your customers will have totally new experiences for eyes and taste senses. Experiences that you can feel yourself – at the bottom line.

Private label or co-branding

You will have multiple – and flexible - options for making a best-selling twin pack of smoke dust and food. Both when it comes to flavours (spice mixes) and when it comes to packaging and branding. We would be happy to be part of a strong co-branding, allowing you to benefit from the combined effects of our efficient consumer marketing. Another option would be to have your smoke dust mixes delivered as private label. Or we can offer to deliver smoke dust as a neutral product as required.

Offer consumers a success
You can choose freely between our existing flavour variants covering any kind of food. We would be happy to mix your own special mix as well. Smoke dust can be provided in bags, which can be vacuum-packed together with your food or you can have the dust delivered in foil trays ready to put into the grill. In both cases the key to success and consumers’ rebuying is the correct guidance in the form of text, photos and/or QR code to our brief ”how to” movie. The movie is available in a Smoke It All branded and soon a neutral version and is at your disposal for your consumer information, e.g. integrated in your own website with QR code allowing you to inspire consumers with more products and offers.