• Step 1

    Start preparing your raw materials. 

    Most raw materials should as minimum be salted prior to smoking. For fish dry-salting for approx. 2 hours prior to smoking is recommended.

    The salt absorbs moisture from the surface of the raw material, allowing it to obtain the smoke flavour better.

    It is a good idea to wipe off any moisture from the surface with kitchen towel or the like before you start smoking.

  • Step 2

    As the smoking is done on a grilling grid, it is a good idea to brush the surface of the raw material with a drop of oil. In this way your raw material will not stick to the grill when you have finished the smoking.

  • Step 3

    Smoke It All smoke dust is supplied in handy aluminium trays covered with airtight foil. Remove the foil COMPLETELY from the aluminium tray before placing it in the grill. 

    Enjoy the smell of the special spices when removing the foil, this is part of the joy.

  • Step 4

    Light your briquettes and wait until they have all turned white and ready for use. This takes around 30-35 min. in a grill starter.

    This is worth waiting for.

  • Step 5

    The hot briquettes are placed in the grill. Use a carbon holder, or just place them in the side or in both sides. NEVER spread the briquettes in the entire grill when smoking. This is easy to remember if you place an aluminium drip tray in the middle of the grill between the briquettes.

  • Step 6

    Have your raw materials ready, before you place the aluminium tray with smoke dust on the hot briquettes, the smoke development starts immediately.

    Place the grill grid on top.

  • Step 7

    Place the raw material on the grill grid. Avoid placing them directly over briguettes and smoke dust. 

    This would bee too hot and a far too intense smoke flavour would develop at the underside of the raw materials.

    When using raw materials which only require a short cooking time, such as shrimps, clams, almonds or the like, it is an advantage to fill the grill with smoke before placing the raw materials. Use a grill tray, then it is easy.

  • Step 8

    Put on the lid when the first smoke starts developing from the smoke dust.

    Almost close the damper in the lid to keep the smoke inside the grill. The damper at the bottom must be open otherwise you will smother your briquettes and the heat will disappear.

    The smoke dust will smoke for almost 20-30 min. depending on wind and weather.

  • Step 9

    Check your smoke ware when smoke appears from the openings of the grill. If the raw materials need more heating or browning, you can continue with normal grilling. 

    You can remove the smoke dust tray with grill tongs if you want to grill over the live coals (direct grilling).

Smoking in gas grill

Follow steps 1-3.

When the gas grill is "smoking" hot, place the smoke dust tray between 2 burners as illustrated on the photo or directly on the bruner in one side.

If it is not possible to place the smoke dust tray directly on the burner, the place it on the grill grid over a lit burner in one side of the grill.

Place your raw materials in the other side of the grill. The smoke starts developing a bit slower in a gas grill, but the result is just as delicious.