Big·Smoke box

Big·Smoke box with smoke dust

Available in handy box containing smoke dust packed in aroma-tight plastic bags. The product is visible through the window in the front of the packing. Various instructions are printed on the box as to how the smoke dust can be used. The label indicates clearly, what product type the box contains.

Big·Smoke box with smoke dust mixed with only one ingredient

Big·Smoke is available in special MIX blends as well, in which the pure beech dust is blended with e.g.:

Wild garlic, apple, cherry. We continuously develop new blends in our Mix series.

Big·Smoke box with smoke dust for signature dishes

Big·Smoke Signature is developed for ten special grill dishes. At present available as Pulled Pork, BBQ Brisket and Spare Ribs. Special mixed and spicy smoke dust giving the user an optimum taste experience from smoking of the individual signature grill dishes.

Big Smoke Box with more flavour, more smoke and more joy

  • Large quantity for large smoking projects and e.g. cold-smoke curing

  • Many variants

  • Can be provided in special mixes

Brand new product = New earning within the category

Improves the category = More sales of all other products within the category

More options = Longer season = More sales