A success story from Dansk Træmel

Smoke It All A/S originates from the well-reputed and financially solid company Dansk Træmel in Esbjerg, Denmark. Since 1994 we have been very successful with our deliveries of wood products of the highest quality to e.g. fur curing, biofuels, bedding and professional smoke-curing houses all over the world.

Our profound knowhow and top modern production facilities are your guarantee for uniform high-quality deliveries. And delivery of the requested quantities – on time. At the same time the production is from one end to the other characterized by our uncompromising attitude towards environment and sustainability. Among other things this means that our smoke dust is the closest you can get to an ecological product (ecology label is not obtainable within this category).

The roots in Western Jutland, Denmark do not deny themselves in our unique product. When we mix the special spice mixes, this is done with focus on the new trend which under the theme ”The food country in the West” has brought Western Jutland on the gastronomic world map as the larder of Denmark. Out of the same reason several of the Smoke It All variants have been named after the nature of Western Jutland, such as “Tidal Flats”, “Low lands” and ”Meadow”.