Dry Rub (dry marinade)

A Dry Rub is a mix of dry spices, which are rubbed into the meat and forms a layer on the meat. The meat can e.g. be marinated in a dry rub for several hours to let the flavours of the spices get into the meat. You can also marinate the meat with a dry rub just before cooking it.

Often a dry rub is preferred over a wet marinate or a BBQ sauce.

Dry Rub is very popular in the kitchens of southern USA and Cajun.

Several dry rubs are added salt and sugar (e.g. cane sugar, brown sugar). The salt draws moisture out of the meat and the sugar gives a caramelized crust.

A typical Southern State Dry Rub contains e.g. chili, cayenne, garlic, mustard, onion powder, paprika, salt and pepper. The quantity of the various spices can be varied to your liking and how hot you wish the rub to be.
However, always remember to taste the dry rub, when mixing a new one, in order to see if the spices match each other. 

On these pages you will find ideas for various rubs which you can use together with Smoke It All smoke dust.