Potatoes, smoked

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Serves 4 persons


1 kg small potatoes.

Olive oil

coarse cooking salt.

One tray of smoke dust No. 1 Tidal Flats or No. 2 Lowland.

How to do:

Heat up a 2/3 filled grill starter.

Cook the potatoes 2/3 tender in water. Do not peel. Toss them in olive oil and salt.

Place them on a grill tray.

Place the coals in one side of the grill and place a drip tray in the other side. Remove the foil from the smoke dust tray and place it directly on the coals.

Place the grill tray on the grid over the drip tray.

Put the lid on the grill. When it starts smoking, close the damper by 2/3.

Smoke the potatoes for approx. 30 minutes until they have gained colour.