Lowland Smoked Brie

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Serves 4 persons


A smoke dust tray No. 2/Lowland with a flavour of rosemary or juniper berries or the smoke dust that you finde appropriate for e.g. smoked brie.

1 whole brie.

How to do:

Serve brien as a dessert, use the afterheat of the grill, as the brie should not have too high heat, as it will then smelt.


Light a+E711 grill starter filled up by half.
When the coals are ready, place these in each side of the grill, be careful that the temperature in the grill does not get too high.

Remove the foil from the smoke dust tray and place it in one side directly on the coals.

You can also place one in each side for extra smoking flavour.

Place the brie on a foil tray or a piece of tin foil and place it in the centre of the grill.

Put on the lid.

When it starts smoking, almost close the upper damper.

Smoke the brie for 25 minutes.

Take the grid of the grill and let the brie cool down before removing it from the grid.

If it is too hot, it will be difficult to remove it.


Use the brie for a nice lunch, for dessert or for a nice glass of redwine.

Can be served together with home-made blackcurrant jam or fresh grapes.